SOHNA Tea, a perfect start to your day!

SOHNA Tea, A perfect start to your day!

Treasured as a hospitality gesture or conversation starter, tea is a beverage that has rich childhood as well as adult life memories associated with it for everyone. Such is the longing for tea lovers, that beginning their mornings without a steaming cup of tea seems daunting. Especially in our Indian culture, “Cha” is not just considered as a beverage, rather an emotion that leads to unfiltered family conversations, important discussions, and much more in today’s life.

The best part is that unlike most of the loved and addictive drinks available today, tea besides being a refreshment actually helps in improving your health too. Being a zero-calorie drink, tea also adds to the fluid intake of your body. In fact when compared to its similar counterpart coffee, the benefits that tea offers exceed coffee which has far more caffeine. The addition of spices in Indian tea such as cinnamon, ginger, and cloves not only renders it a great taste but also improves our immune system.

Amongst the infinite benefits that a single of tea has to offer, the major ones are:

  • Calming effect: First thing first, tea serves as the perfect beverage to calm and relax your senses. Considered as a life saver from tiredness, headaches and mood swings, tea besides enabling us to enjoy the moment also acts as an antidepressant and reduces tension.
  • Cultural connect: The association of tea with our rich culture goes back to the 12th century. Offering tea to anyone visiting our home has been a ritual that has been passed from generation to generation. Even today, tea still holds the same adoration for every Indian.
  • Bonding time: Sipping on a steaming cup of tea is a morning tradition in most households. This acts as a bonding time for the complete family who otherwise don’t get to enjoy other’s company in today’s busy life. Not just in homes, offices meet & greet, weddings, visits and many more events are incomplete without the inclusion of tea.
  • All seasons: No matter the season—summer, monsoon, or winter, tea is a constant in all seasons & weather. In summers, a tiring, sweaty day calls for a refreshing cup of tea, while in winter’s chilly weather demands for a warm, cosy cup of tea.
  • Different  varieties:  The versatility of tea is what really appeals to people. There are numerous varieties and flavors available for various types of tea. The list includes everything from black tea to green tea, with every variety offering several benefits.

If you are a tea lover who is on a constant lookout for different varieties, then Markfed SOHNA tea is just the perfect pick for you. Handpicked tea leaves from the best tea gardens are used to prepare the two variants of SOHNA tea, which are, Josh & Gold. It has a unique taste and lasting aroma that lingers on even after you have finished many cups of tea.