Healthy food is the most essential determinant of the lifelong goal of a healthy body. What you put inside your body has a straight reflection on how you look and feel on the outside. The purer the form of food, the better form of energy it will provide to your body & soul. One such source of healthy & raw form of food that is available directly from mother nature is honey.

The history of honey dates back thousands of years ago, long before the now popular refined sugar even came into existence. Those were the times when honey was only available in its raw form & single type, directly sourced from the nectars of the flowers nurtured by buzzing bees. This raw honey was then extracted from the hive and bottled by our ancestors to be brought to use for a number of benefits, namely:

  • Daily household consumption as a natural sweetener.
  • Applied on wounds and burns.
  • Ward off seasonal allergies or infections.
  • Treat eye and skin diseases.
  • Aid digestion.

Even in Ayurveda, honey has been referred to as liquid gold owing to its powerful medicinal properties that can treat an array of illnesses, ailments and injuries, either in its raw form or mixed with other remedies. Pure honey possesses phytonutrients that provide powerful antioxidants to our body.

However, with the changing times, even though the popularity of honey has risen, adulteration in pure honey has also increased. The problem is not with the consumption of honey, but rather, with the quality of honey that we get today. A lot of commercially available honey in the market today is highly processed by adding sugars and other preservatives, which leaves it less nutritious and more harmful to your health.

When consumed in its raw form as a natural form of sweetener, pure honey helps in:

  • Weight management.
  • Boosting the immunity system.
  • Improving skin’s radiance.
  • Preventing acid reflux.
  • Increase in antioxidants in the blood.

The need of the hour is to consume raw honey from a reliable source that has been tested for its purity and quality. When it comes to the health of your loved ones, then nothing can match the quality of Punjab Markfed SOHNA Honey.

100% pure honey with no sugar or pesticide, antibiotic, or heavy metal adulteration, Punjab Markfed SOHNA honey is sourced directly from farm-based honey producers. What proves its authenticity is that Punjab Markfed SOHNA honey has successfully cleared the NMR “honey purity” test conducted by the Centre for Science & Environment (CSE) Delhi through a laboratory in Germany.

The Punjab State Co-op Supply & Marketing Federation Ltd. (PUNJAB MARKFED) is one of Asia's largest Marketing Cooperatives. Punjab Markfed is known for its commitment to strict quality management. Markfed is also engaged in the marketing of agri-produce like processed fruits & vegetables, Vanaspati & Refined Oils, Mustard Oil, Honey, Spices, Rice, Tea and markets many more products under the brand name "SOHNA". It is also the pioneer in introducing 100% traceability for the purchase of honey through a barcode system. So say yes to good health with the all-natural SOHNA pure honey.

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