Markfed Cattle-feed & Allied Industries Gidderbaha

Markfed Punjab (Asia's largest cooperative) has always taken steps for the welfare and advancement of farmers. The farmers of Punjab keep the milk cattle as a dairy farm for personal use or as a lucrative business. In order to take good care of the health of these cattle and to produce good milk, it is essential that these cattle be given balanced cattle feed in their daily diet. Taking the initiative of Balanced Cattle Feed, a balanced Cattle Feed Plant was set up by Markfed at Gidderbaha in 1987 (a). The capacity of this plant was to produce 100 tons of cattle feed per day which was increased from 100 MT per day in 2010 to 150 MT per day in view of the huge demand of the farmers.

At Markfed Plant, Gidderbaha, six (6) varieties of animal feed are being prepared in which Pellet, Mash, Supreme mash, P-5000, P-8000 and Calf Starter are being prepared. Markfed manufactures this product either with the opinion of experts from Guru Angad Dev Veterinary University, Punjab or Prepares according to BIS's specifications. The animal feed prepared by Markfed contains a perfectly balanced amount of proteins, fats, vitamins, mineral mixtures, calcium and trace elements for animal health. The raw material purchased by MARKFED is first tested in MARKFED's laboratory and if its quality is found as per the specifications then the raw material is procured otherwise it is rejected outright. Markfed does not compromise on quality in any way.

According to the formula of Markfed Animal Feed ISI, the minerals in the feed are Vitamin A. Vitamin D and Vitamin E are found in balanced amount. The combination of these provide sufficient energy to the animal and it does not kill the reproduction of the animals and increases the milk production. Markfed feed helps the animal to avoid fungal thrush disease as it contains toxin binder in animal feed. The presence of calcium and phosphorus in the Markfed animal feed helps to keep bones strong and develops teeth.

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