Kick Start Your Day With A Healthy Breakfast

Kick Start Your Day With A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day. Rightly so, since after the overnight fasting period, it is your 1st  meal that determines your energy levels for the rest of the day. When you begin your day with a healthy breakfast, you are basically telling your body that it needs to have plenty of calories to function efficiently. On the contrary, when you skip your breakfast, your body takes it as a signal that the calories need to be conserved rather than burn any incoming calories.

What Are The Advantages Of Eating A Healthy Breakfast?

  • Encourages healthier eating: People who take their breakfast as the 1st meal of the day generally consume more whole grains and milk as compared to those who skip it. This helps them achieve their recommended servings of fruit and vegetables and avoid eating junk later in the day.
  • Boosts energy level: In the morning, after a long gap without food your glycogen stores are low.  Eating a  nutritious breakfast restores your glycogen levels and boosts your energy levels which prep up your body to keep up the metabolism for the day.
  • Aids in weight control:  Those who have a  habit of eating healthy breakfast are less likely to gain excess weight or become obese.  A healthy plate of breakfast provides your body with all essential nutrients which makes you feel full until your next big meal.
  • Inspires better food choices: Children & adults who don’t skip their breakfast avoid snacking throughout the day. On the contrary, those who skip breakfast,  tend to nibble on snacks,  feel lethargic and turn to sugary, high-energy food and drinks to get through the day.

Can’ t build an appetite for food in the morning?

Even though there are endless benefits of having breakfast, some people just can’t convince their brains to have food in the morning. A  common factor behind this is having their last meal of the day quite late at night or not finding typical breakfast foods appealing.

To convince and provide them with a healthy breakfast option is  MARKFED Sohna Honey Coated Cornflakes. Continuing its spree to provide quality food products, MARKFED Sohna newly launched Honey coated cornflakes are a nourishing breakfast for your mornings, especially for those who don’t have much time or never are in the mood for a breakfast. The best part about this healthy breakfast is that it has the goodness of corn and is enriched with the deliciousness of real honey.

Another healthier option that MARKFED has to offer is their variants of SOHNA Daliya that comes in enriched instant Kesar, honey grits, and enriched instant no added sugar. Easy to prepare and tasty to eat, these three variants are the best options when you need something filling in the morning sans the stress of cooking. So now that children and adult breakfast skippers have the best and quickest breakfast options, mornings are going to be the best part of the day.