Markfed Canneries was established on approx.11acres of land in the year 1972 at Jalandhar. Initially Markfed has been doing production of dehydrated vegetables which were supplied to Indian Army. Markfed started producing Sarson ka Saag in Seventies but with change in market scenario Markfed started export of Saag in mid eighties.

For this Markfed has been procuring fresh Sarson from farmers vide contract farming for procurement. Since then every year till now Markfed is having contract with 35-50 farmers for procurement of fresh Sarson for production in Markfed Canneries. Markfed has perfected its experience on raw material procurement through direct interaction with farmers in the last more than 40 years. Markfed  grows Sarson ka Saag, Palak ,Methi and other vegetables on contract farming  land measuring approx. 1400 acres.

Markfed Canneries has been doing production of canned food of all ethnic vegetables of North India namely Sarson ka Saag, Dal Makhni, Kari Pakora, Yellow Dal, Mattar Paneer, Palak Paneer etc. Out of these variables , the major contribution is from Sarson ka Saag which is being exported to various countries globally. The major market of ‘Sohna’ Sarson ka Saag is in Middle East where 60% of total export is done. Middle east has huge demand of canned food, whereas European countries mainly use pouches for R.T.E food.

Markfed is venturing into pouch market of traditional ethnic foods namely Saag in overseas market.

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