Butter Milk Soup with Dumplings

Butter Milk Soup with dumplings

(Kari Pakora)



SOHNA Kari Pakora (buttermilk soup with dumplings)

Sohna Ready to Eat foods are processed at Markfed Canneries, Jalandhar. Kadi Pakora (Instant feast butter milk soup with dumplings) is a popular vegetable dish in the Punjab regions . Just Heat and Eat Curries. Vaccumised packing enhancing its shelf life without any  preservatives. It requires no refrigeration.


Water (37.4%), Curd (32%0, gram flour (12 %), Onion (12%), Refined vegetable oil (4.3%), Salt (1%) Spices (Cumin Seeds turmeric Powder, Coriander powder, Red Chilli powder, Curry Powder, Bishop’s weed, Mustard seeds, Asafoetida, Black Cumin, fenugreek Seeds) (0.9%), Ginger (0.4%).

Packing : Retort : 300 Gms.