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E-Tender Notice

E-Tenders are invited for the purchase of 2,00,000 MTs +/- 25% of DAP & 3,00,000 MTs +/- 25% of Urea, 5000 MTs of MOP & 5,000 MTs of NPK 12;32;16 for Rabi 2021-22 confirming to FCO specifications. The tenders are to be submitted on e-tendering portal  by 10.00 AM on 19. 07. 2021.


Terms & Conditions for Purchase of fertilizers for RABI 2021-22


1)  The order would be placed strictly keeping in view the lowest rates as well as the total quantity to be supplied by the bidder offering the lowest rates till the total requirement is met. If there are more than two bidders offering the same terms, the required quantity to be purchased at those terms will be shared equally amongst those bidders depending on the quantity offered to be supplied by them.

2) Delivery:- The stocking of Urea & DAP would start from August 2021 onwards. The offerer should specify the month wise quantities to be offered in the prescribed Performa. The MOP & NPK would be procured on actual demand. Our monthly requirement is as under:-

Month Requirement of DAP Requirement of Urea
August 2021  70,000 MT 50,000 MT
September 2021  65,000 MT 50,000 MT
October 2021  60,000 MT 50,000 MT
November 2021   5,000 MT 50,000 MT
December 2021            0 50,000 MT
January 2022             0 50,000 MT
Total  2,00,000 MT 3,00,000 MT

3) Margins;-Apart from the above rates of fertilizers, the distribution margin or any other benefit/ Margin to be allowed to Markfed may also be specified clearly along with the date of payment in the said Performa. If the credit period is offered in number of days instead of specifying the exact date of payment, then the payment date would be calculated from the last day of the month of supply i.e. for the stocks supplied in August, the date would be considered as 31.08.21. Further, the lowest offer would be considered after calculating all the financial benefits to Markfed inclusive of the extended credit period which would be calculated in monetary terms by taking the present bank rate Interest i.e 9%. The actual cost to Markfed would be determined by considering the MRP-Total Margin to Markfed (Including all monetary benefits) – the per day cost of credit period extended to us @ 9 %.

4) Price escalation:-  To safeguard the interest of the State Farmers, the stocks would be purchased from the suppliers by having a clause as per the past practice, “That in the event of reduction of prices/ MRP, the benefit of price reduction would be passed on to Markfed till the disposal of stocks but in the event of the increase of prices of fertilizers within the delivery period,”.Markfed would be taking the stocks at the quoted prices only and the margins offered to Markfed would remain intact irrespective of reduced MRP. The Price/ MRP reduction would be entirely at the cost of supplier, if situation warrants so.

5) Risk & cost Purchase:-In case any supplier fails to supply fertilizers as per specified schedule, Markfed would be within its rights to purchase DAP/ Urea from any other source at the risk and cost of supplier in addition to other legal remedies available. In case of non supply of material in time, we would be constrained to blacklist supplier  from taking part in our future offers. The quantity can be increased or decreased at the discretion of MD, Markfed, who has the right to accept or reject any tender without assigning any reasons.

6) ARBITRATION: In case of any dispute  arising  out  of  this  contract the same shall be referred to and determined by arbitration as per the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, as amended from time to time.

Unless otherwise provided, all disputes or differences between the parties shall be referred to an Arbitral Tribunal comprising of three members, wherein one shall be nominated by the MD Markfed and one shall be appointed by the opposite party, the third arbitrator shall be jointly appointed by the nominated arbitrators.

The award of such arbitration shall be final and binding on the parties to this contract. The courts at the place of signing the contract shall have exclusive jurisdiction. Arbitration proceedings shall be conducted at Chandigarh according to Indian Laws for the time being in force.

The Arbitration fees will be paid in equal shares by both the parties to the Arbitral Tribunal at rates fixed in the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, (As amended from time to time).

7) Validity:- The offer shall remain valid for 45 days from the date of opening of tenders. No tenderer shall be allowed to withdraw their offer within the validity period. In case tenderer withdraw or modify its offer during validity period, material shall be purchased at their risk & cost. No separate agreement shall be executed however. Acceptance of the offer shall become an agreement. No conditional tender shall be accepted.

  1. Subsidy amount will be claimed by the seller as per procedure laid down by GoI & any variation shall be on  supplier’s account.

9   Supply terms:- On F.O.R. basis to all the societies in the State.

  1. Quality specifications:-In the event of any consignment found not conforming to the contractual specifications, Markfed will have the option to reject the same. The supplier shall be responsible for the quality of stocks in terms of specifications laid in the Fertilizer Control Order for the intact bags till their disposal by the Markfed. Stocks supplied should be fresh & of good quality in sound and standard packing. Markfed can do sampling of the stocks at the cost of supplier. The supplier would be responsible for quality of the product and for any complication arising due to the failure of sample/crop, the entire criminal and financial liability will be borne by the supplier for the same. Any claim made by the farmers/consumers on this account will be paid by the supplier
  2. Keeping in view the critical nature of product & its timely availability required for sowing by farmers of state, the L-1 bidder would not be allotted more than 50% of the tendered qty even if he has bidded for entire quantity in the tender. This is of utmost importance so as to watch the interest of the farmers of the state.

For participating in the above e-tendering process, the Firms shall have to get themselves registered with  and get user id and password. Class 3 Digital Signature is mandatory to participate in the e-tender process.

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